Work with us

We have paid positions available! Find out more on our vacancies page, or contact your local enterprise.

We’re always looking for people who share our vision of a world without waste, where opportunity and social connection are available to all.
Why not get involved with what we do?

Volunteer Merle in workshop

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteers are at the very heart of our mission, and we strive to make volunteering with us fun and rewarding. Whether you want to get back into the swing of working with a team, gain experience in construction, carpentry or retail, or you just have some spare time and want to keep yourself busy, come and see what we do.

We especially welcome applications from anyone finding it difficult to get back into mainstream employment, or who is dealing with isolation or living with mental or physical diability.

Why volunteer?

Help and training to learn new skills

James and Kai explain how our Edinburgh Enterprise Move On has helped with learning new skills, increasing confidence and making a real difference to employability prospects

No experience necessary!

We welcome people who have never done this sort of activity before and you can volunteer as little as a few hours a week. There are plenty of different areas in which to get involved. We’ll find the one which works best for you or you can get involved in all aspects of what we do. That could be:

  • Staffing the vans to collect wood
  • Preparing timber for sale
  • Working in the shop, serving customers, and doing admin to keep the business organised
  • Making wooden products
  • Educating the public through publicity, displays, and social media
  • Supporting or mentoring more vulnerable volunteers

Some people also get involved with sales, marketing, designing products, or any other tasks needed to operate a busy and successful small community business.

Leeds Wood Store volunteers

Find your nearest enterprise

We have 28 wood recycling social enterprises nationwide. If you’d like to volunteer why not give your local project a ring, or drop them an email with you contact details.

Start your own enterprise

We are targeting Liverpool as the last major conurbation without a network member and we’re looking for someone to work with us in the city. If you’re interested please get in touch.