What we do

Recycle waste wood and create jobs

We provide a commercial waste wood collection service, working with most of the country’s top construction companies and with businesses in all sectors that produce timber or pallet waste.

Recycle waste wood

Supply timber
for re-use

You can find wood for all your DIY needs including softwood in standard dimensions, plywood chipboard and OSB, hardwoods, pallet slats, cable reels and scaffold board. Because our wood is reclaimed stock will vary, so contact your local wood store to find out what they have today.

Buy re-used wood

Change lives

We work with local people, bringing men and women who are marginalised into a supportive workplace. They become part of our team and gain training and work experience as well as a sense of pride. We see them flourish, moving from social isolation, loneliness and lack of confidence to paid work, shared achievements and the sense of camaraderie that comes from working together to help the environment.

Work with us

Alex’s Story

Alex joined Glasgow Wood in 2011 as a volunteer. He had been struggling to find employment, and immediately found great satisfaction in being able to contribute to the work of the enterprise. He is now employed as Machine Shop and Retail Assistant with the company. For Alex, customer satisfaction and the environmental benefits of wood recycling are important aspects of his work.

Work with us

Our environmental impact

Our methods have several advantages over the conventional approach to wood recycling, and we’re always looking for ways to improve things even further. Key to our approach is reuse – reclaiming wood and using it locally, without the need to transport or recycle it any more than necessary.

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Our social impact

It’s common for people in our society to be left behind, especially those with learning disabilities or mental health problems, underprivileged young people, ex-offenders, refugees, and victims of human trafficking, who often end up unemployed and undervalued. By providing a pathway to work we restore people’s hope and self-confidence.

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