Domestic wood recycling

Have wood from your home or garden that you’d like to recycle?

Many of our member enterprises offer a wood waste collection service to the public for timber that we can resell (not green wood or chipboard). As we don’t receive any external funding to run the service, we generally need to charge for domestic wood waste collection, but may be able to make an exception for high-quality wood. For licensing reasons we generally need to collect the wood rather than you bringing it to us. Dropping off wood at our depots without our agreement is not legal and can cost us money! To find out more, contact your local enterprise directly.

Other ways to recycle wood


Chipboard and any timber you want to drop off for disposal can be recycled at your local household waste recycling centre. Councils generally send the wood they collect to be chipped for making into chipboard or biomass.


Some enterprises may recycle furniture if it’s not made of chipboard. If your local enterprise isn’t able to take your furniture, you can try giving it away on the Reuse Network or Freecycle.