Quality Policy

Community Wood Recycling is committed to providing a waste wood collection service that is safe, effective, competitive, and which provides meaningful community and environmental advantages over competitors.

We are also committed to serving our members by providing a reliable supply of national collection work, fair oversight, and comprehensive business support.

We comply with all relevant laws and regulations which govern our operations, as well as the requirements of Constructionline, SafeContractor, and ISO 9001.

To ensure that service quality remains high, we:

  • Maintain close relationships with both clients and members to ensure we have a continuously evolving understanding of their needs and any challenges
  • Routinely monitor our collection data and survey staff at collection sites
  • Use this information to set measurable and realistic targets for service improvement
  • Facilitate clear communication between clients and members
  • Provide any support members need to operate at maximum effectiveness
  • Intervene swiftly to provide special assistance or impose temporary measures where necessary to ensure service quality is maintained

We are committed to the regular review and improvement of these processes, as well as ensuring that clients and members are aware of this system and have the opportunity to provide input.

Please get in touch if you have feedback or would like to know more