Offers for our construction partners

We offer our construction partners a range of reclaimed wood products to add value to a site, from benches to birdhouses

Wood is durable and attractive, and with reclaimed wood you can be sure that you’re supporting the circular economy, lowering waste and energy consumption, and not contributing to deforestation. Just like using our collection service, buying our products creates fairly-paid permanent jobs for our workers, and free, disability-accessible training for our volunteers.

Picnic benches

Reclaimed timber benches are an attractive and practical way to add character to an outdoor area. We can provide standard ‘A-frame’ park benches, as well as thicker, more rustic designs.


Our flower and vegetable planters are great for bringing colour and life to public spaces, and can be made to any specifications.

By giving wildlife a place alongside us, we can preserve our rich ecosystem and help keep our farms and gardens healthy, pollinated, and pest-free

Bird box

Bird boxes create a safe nesting environment as an alternative to hollow trees, which are less accessible in urban areas. Each box has a 32mm entrance hole, ideal for a variety of species such as sparrows and nuthatches. As well as their beautiful songs and plumage, birds serve a practical function by eating many kinds of garden pest.

Bat box

Although seldom seen bats are an integral part of our ecosystem, pollinating night-flowering plants and controlling moth populations. Their high sensitivity to the environment has led to a steep decline in numbers over the last 100 years, but this box can help by providing a whole colony of bats with shelter from harsh weather and predators.

Bug box

Bug boxes make ideal nesting spots for solitary bees, spiders, ladybirds and many other helpful garden minibeasts. As well as smaller bug boxes which can be placed on the ground or hung from trees and faces, we also offer larger ‘bug mansions’ with blocks that can be swapped for other materials like leaves or straw for a variety of habitats, great for schools and community projects.

Bird box

Want something not shown? Just send us a picture or description and we’ll tell you how much it would cost. Wood is a very versatile material, and our workshops are great at putting it to use.

Bring your projects to life with wood recycled from construction

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