Celebrating ten years of working with Kier Group

Working with Kier Group
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We are delighted to be celebrating ten years of working with Kier Group; this support over a sustained period has made a huge difference in our mission to change the way waste timber is dealt with, so it becomes not something to be thrown away but a valuable resource that can be reused.

The partnership has also helped us to build our work with marginalised and disadvantaged people, allowing us to bring them into our timber yards and workshops so they can learn skills, build community, gain confidence and move from unemployment into work. 

Over the ten year period we have recycled 9,170 tonnes of wood, which is equivalent to 64 blue whales.

Kier have also worked with us to improve the communities around their sites, including the building of an outdoor classroom for a school in Islington, local to the King’s Cross P2 project. Working with Brighton and Hove Wood Recycling Project, Bam and McLaren they were able to create the space using recycled pieces of wood to help the pupils experience a more natural learning environment.