Humber Wood Recycling wins at Green Energy Awards 2015

By Published On: March 18, 2015Categories: Local news, Network news

Humber Green Energy AwardA massive well-done to Humber Wood Recycling Project, who won in the ‘Engaging the Community’ category in this year’s Humber Renewables & Green Energy Awards.

The category celebrates the organisation that “puts the community at the heart of everything it does” whilst focusing on sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

The award is an acknowledgment of Humber Wood Recycling’s commitment to provide work experience and training to unemployed local people.

The director of KC Business who sponsored the awards, Alan Worthing, said:

“We know how important this is for jobs and the economy. These awards play a key role in rewarding the most interesting and innovative firms behind the clean power revolution.”

Reclaimed wood at Humber Wood Recycling is graded and sorted by a team of volunteers. Some of it is offered for sale, much of it as kindling or firewood. To ensure that nothing is sent to a landfill site, the wood that can’t be reused or recycled is sent off-site to be turned into fuel chips.