Morgan Sindall Social Value Award

After such a challenging year we are delighted that the benefit of using our service has been recognised by one of the country’s top builders.  Community Wood Recycling has been named as the winner of the Social Value Award in the Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure Supply Chain Awards 2020.  We are very grateful that that the importance of what we do for local communities as well as for the environment has been showcased in this way. 

It was the work of two of our members, Chiltern Wood Recycling and St Albans Wood Recycling, that particularly caught the team at Morgan Sindall’s eye and they will be sharing the trophy.   It’ll be spending the next six months in St Albans before being handed over to the Chiltern Wood Recycling team in High Wycombe.  

We’d like to share one story that shows the difference Community Wood Recycling has been able to make.  Eddie is a driver at Chiltern Wood Recycling.  For ten years, depression and the breakdown of his marriage had left him living alone, dependent on benefits and feeling extremely isolated. It was only when he started volunteering at Chiltern Wood Recycling that things began to change.

He told us, “I was unsure what to expect, but the team were very friendly and welcoming and I felt I was part of something worthwhile.  Soon I started to feel like I had a reason to get up in the morning, which I never had before.”

Eddie’s confidence grew and after gaining a CSCS card, he was offered a position as a driver.

 “They have helped me combat my depression and although I still have difficult days, I feel it is much easier to manage.

“When the Coronavirus outbreak first hit there was a lot of uncertainty everywhere with so many jobs lost or at risk, and my heart goes out to all those affected. I feel lucky that myself and my colleagues were in a steady job.  The care for staff shown by Andy and the team over the last few months has reminded me of what is important and reinforced the loyalty that I already felt for Chiltern and everyone who works there. They are a great bunch of people and are very special to me.”