Silver Gilt medal for Hampton Court Flower Show garden

The Believe in Tomorrow garden using wood provided by Solo Wood Recycling has been awarded a silver gilt medal at the Hampton Court Flower Show.  Congratulations to everyone involved! 

The garden, by south London designer Seonaid Royall, came out of a workshop project with Brixton primary schools. Seonaid asked the children what they like in a garden and they said “a pond, furry leaves, large leaves, apples and strawberries”.  It also includes wooden magnification posts around the garden to pop a leaf or insect under for a closer look, and a shallow pool with pebble stepping stones through the middle, as well as an arch and 250 year old wooden cobbles.

Wood from Community Wood Recycling clients from all over South London was used in the project.  After the event, elements of the garden will be relocated to the schools that helped create it, giving children permanent access to their own green spaces and a lasting legacy for their community.